The Real Estate Investors Association of Greater Cincinnati—

Become a Member Today! If You Invest in Cincinnati-Area Real Estate—or Want to!—REIAGC has Something for You…

Whether you are just starting out in real estate investing, or are working on your hundredth deal, the Real Estate Investors Association of Greater Cincinnati (REIA GC) can help you learn more, make more, and have more fun doing it.

We’re a non-profit business league founded in 1976 with a mission to educate and support real estate investors and landlords at all levels of knowledge and experience…and that means YOU, if you invest in (or would like to invest in) real estate in the Greater Cincinnati Area.

REIAGC provides its members with amenu of free benefits, including:

Bi-monthly “general meetings” on the first and third Thursdays of each month, where you’ll network with hundreds of other local investors, meet vendors and service providers you need in your business, and be educated by local and national experts on topics and strategies you need to know to make it big in real estate

A library of courses, books, audios, and CDs from national experts you know on every imaginable real estate strategy from wholesaling to retailing to negotiation to landlording, tax lien investing, IRA investing, rental management, group housing, and hundreds of others. Building this library yourself would cost over $200,000—and it’s FREE to REIAGC members

Monthly special-interest “Subgroup Meetings”, where you can discuss the specifics of strategies like creative finance, short sales, advanced investing, and east side, west side, and northern Kentucky investing

A library of contracts and forms that every investor needs from purchase agreements to leases to contractor agreements to lease/options, rental applications, and much, much more…literally thousands of dollars worth of free, investor-friendly documents just for members

A directory of investor- and landlord-friendly vendors and service providers who work with REIA members to do everything from title work to insurance to entity set-up to selling properties to rental management to contracting and dozens more

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And Your REIA GC Membership Doesn’t Just

Make You Money Through Education, Networking, and Resources—

it Also Saves You Money with Huge Discounts on Products and Services You Need Every Day!

With the purchasing power of over 400 members (and growing), REIA has negotiated discount with many local and national vendors, including:

• Sherwin-Williams paint • Home Depot Building Supplies • Haines Criss-Cross Plus Real Estate Comping System

How Can We Help You Reach Your Personal and Financial Goals Through Real Estate Investing?

If you’re a beginner, REIAGC gives you the tools and education you need to buy properties in this incredible bargain market, even if you have no cash or credit. The information is LOCAL and inexpensive—not like those $20,000 programs from the national companies the roll into town every weekend! Plus, REIAGC helps you get the support you need through our networking and coaching program, and keeps you motivated by exposing you to successful local investors and like-minded people who will encourage you to meet your goals. If you’re an old pro, REIAGC helps you grow your business through networking, discounts on products and services, and advanced education on systematizing your business and hiring others to make you money.

If you’re a landlord, REIAGC teaches you to collect more of your rents, manage your properties with a lot less hassle, navigate tenant/landlord law and the eviction system, protect your assets, and generally be a less-stressed, more effective rental property owner.

If you’re a wholesaler, REIAGC provides you with a whole group of serious investors to whom to sell your great deals, plus show you how to save on taxes, find better deals, and earn more of that cash you’re looking for.

If you’re a rehabber, REIAGC saves you money with discounts on paint, appliances, and more, plus bring you rehab experts who can show you how to renovate properties faster, easier, and better, and show you how to sell your properties faster.

If You’re in the Real Estate Business, You NEED to Join the Non-Profit Real Estate Investors Association of Greater Cincinnati! Come Join Us For A Meeting… Come join us as our guest for your 1st meeting and find out for yourself why so many smart investors turn to REIA GC for information on how to make more in real estate investing. As one member put it, “REIA taught me that knowledge isn’t just power—-it’s profit!”

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click here to download the membership application as a pdf

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