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BiMonthly Meeting November 6, 2014

The Psychology of Abundance with Roger Salam

Note: the November 6th meeting will be held AT GREAT WOLF LODGE. It’s the opening night of the 2014 OREIA convention, and all REIA members will attend the Thursday evening  (at 7:30) “wind up wealthy” session for free, in lieu of the regular meeting. You should come to the whole event, too—for details see the enclosed flyer or www.OREIAConvention.com

What makes prosperous real estate entrepreneurs successful? It’s not the market, it’s not that the started with a lot of cash, and who and what they know is just part of the equation. The biggest predictor of whether you’ll reach YOUR real estate goals is, pure and simple, your mindset. When you leave the National Real Estate Summit, you’ll know all the same things that all the other attendees do—but you’ll use them only if you have the right mentality. And that’s exactly what Roger Salam will teach you about. In fact, this piece of your education is so crucial that Roger will both open the main Summit (at Thursday evening’s wind-up wealthy session) and close it (on Sunday afternoon) to help you get the most out of the event. At this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why most people will never have money, no matter how much they learn, and why you need to change your money paradigm NOW
  • Why “Playing it Safe” is just about the riskiest thing you can do
  • How to think about money and prosperity if you really want to create incredible wealth

Wajed “Roger” Salam was born in Bangladesh, and now lives in Tampa, Florida. A successful real estate investor in his own right, he also became the #1 speaker and trainer in the Tony Robbins organization and has delivered more than 4,700 success presentations to corporations, non-profits, and investors all over the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

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