Real Estate Investors Association of Greater Cincinnati for Real Estate Investors – New and Experienced

  • Local experts, experienced investors, and national speakers/trainers
  • Learn different real estate strategies
  • Network with and get essential resources from vendors
  • Market your properties to other buyers/investors PLUS be the first to purchase properties offered by our members
  • Main investors meeting – 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month
  • Specialty focused subgroups meet throughout the month

BiMonthly Meeting November 20, 2014

Early for New Investors:

Intro to Team Building: How to Find the Folks Who will Make You Rich. There’s no such thing as a “self-made millionaire”—every successful investor has a team of professionals that they can call on for help, advice, and services. From a real estate agent to a title company to an attorney, a CPA, and beyond, you need to build a competent, expert team around you—and it doesn’t have to be expensive! Learn who you need, what to look for in each team member, and how to find and compensate them at this new investor’s meeting.

Early For Active Investors:

How I’ve Owned Dozens of Rentals for Years, and Never Filed an Eviction with “Landlord X”

Wouldn’t life be grand if you NEVER had to file an eviction on a tenant, NEVER had to go to court and pay the expensive fees, and NEVER had to do a set-out? There’s one area landlord who’s had exactly that experience—and he’s ready to share how he’s done it, but only with those who attend the early meeting on November 20th!

Main Meeting:

REIA, Fix My Brain!

The big problem with a great event like the OREIA convention is that you leave it with your head packed full of great ideas—and then realize when you get home that you have questions that you forgot to ask.

At this REIA meeting, we’ll have local experts in many of the same topics you’ll learn about at the OREIA Summit—wholesaling, retailing, note buying, seller financing, and more—available to answer the questions you’ll come up with as you begin to implement the strategies you learned at the event.

This is your chance to get the local knowledge and perspective you need to get un-confused and get going on your new real estate efforts—don’t miss it!


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